Angela Kearns (Angie) is a native of the inner city of Philadelphia,PA who relocated to Metro-Atlanta 1n 1992. She would have never believed it if someone had told her that her childhood and young adult pains would lead many women to a life of freedom and love. Through hard work and many emotional obstacles, Angie is now known as your Prosperity Queen or the "PQ".  She is the mother of two progressive daughters, an aspiring author, entrepreneur, Radio Personality and Real Estate Broker.

Throughout her journey she found herself in the pulpit preaching, steering a ministerial women's group, evangelizing through out her travels, giving seminars in real estate investments and all the while making every relationship error known to women. Miraculously, through her faith and strong will to live her life happy and whole, she has faced every obstacle and mastered her emotions and how to stay anchored in peace. Her teaching methods are not for everyone but they are for everyone that wants to kiss Ms. Lonely and Lady Depression - GOOD BYE!

about Angie Kearns