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Meet Angie

Trust your intuition and success will follow

Entrepreneur, author, mom, and motivational speaker

I vulnerably share my experiences, epiphanies, and reflections from my journey through life. They include two divorces, embracing single motherhood to two, and becoming self-employed, all while inconveniently living hundreds of miles away from my nearest family. 


My mission is to give my black "sistas" glimpses of themselves when they see me so they, too, can become independent of incriminating self-judgment and the opinions of others. I wish for her to learn how to fully engage in the power of grace to illuminate her true self.  


She, the black woman, is the one I share the most common language, culture, and impact from life with. I can speak to the belief system that she holds. I want to affirm the feminine energy that speaks loudly but is unrecognizable. If I can lock arms with one black woman and illuminate the presence of her "healing" that awaits Her, then I've impacted an entire village.  


Angie Kearns


Who I am not: I am not a therapist who will guide you to greater esteem through sessions of uncovering your painful memories or validating the good from the wrong people in your sphere. 


I am a solid example of fighting through life's challenges in the arenas where I could've been mentally destroyed from some of life's most challenging battles. I discovered that my mental chaos had silent triggers, and I learned how to disarm them, and I can help you do the same.


My name is Angie Kearns, Real Estate Extraordinaire, mother, and women empowerment warrior. I took my passion for real estate and manifested a safe space for women from all walks of life who choose to deal with their mental chaos and discover their path to peace. 


I intend to guide my black sisters to the truth within their core being by identifying and breaking down the mental and spiritual barriers that arrest their productivity and creativity and ultimately block their financial and emotional freedom.


Together we will quiet the noise. 


Join me on the journey to prosperity!

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